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How to Prevent Rejection of Car Insurance Claim in India

Why is a car insurance claim rejected when all necessary documents are submitted properly? One main reason for claims being rejected by the insurer is because of the driver employed for the car. When we hire a driver the vehicle, we take a copy of his driving license. But how many of us get it checked to see whether the license is legitimate or a fake one? Even the best of the best plans reject the claim if the license is fake.

It is the driver’s duty to drive you to your destination. Apart from driving you to your destination, he is also responsible for your safety and the safety of the vehicle. If in case a driver meets with an accident, the insurer will investigate the various factors including the driver’s license. They will reject the claim if it turns out to be a fake one. Moreover, the vehicle owner will have to bear the losses from his own pocket because the car insurance company has rejected the claim.

How to make sure that your Drivers’ License is Valid?

You can easily verify your driver’s license with the RTO by submitting an application under the Right to Information Act. Be 100 percent sure to check your driver’s so that you don’t have to pay from your own pocket, despite having adequate insurance coverage.