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Top 5 Reasons for Rejection of Car Insurance Claim

A car insurance will help you to get unlimited liability because of a third party injury if you meet with an accident. You will have to bear all the expenses yourself if you don’t have a car insurance. Now, let us see the reasons for rejection of car insurance claims.

  1. Invalid License:

A claim can be rejected if the driver of the vehicle does not have a driving license or have a fake one. A claim can be rejected if the driving license is for some other vehicle category.

  1. Incorrect Insurance Category:

The claim will be rejected if the car with a personal car insurance is used for commercial purpose.

  1. Falsifying Reasons for Claim:

If the reason for filing a claim is false or altered then the insurance provider can reject the claim.

  1. Delay in Filing a Claim:

In insurance provider is not informed about the accident or theft of the car within the specified time, the claim can be rejected.

  1. Negligence:

Negligence such as leaving the vehicle unattended or trying to start a car that when it is waterlogged, can result in the claim being rejected.

You must read the insurance policy well and if there is something you do not understand, please get it clarified to avoid any unfortunate claim rejection.