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Role of an LIC Agent

Role of an LIC Insurance Agent

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is India’s largest and leading life insurance company. It is a state-owned company that was founded in 1956. Today, LIC is trusted by millions to guard their future and that of their families. Insurance policies have also become popular as a mode of investments lately and many more people join the LIC family every day.

Job of a LIC Life Insurance Agent

The job and life of a LIC insurance advisor/agent is never dull. The nature of the LIC agent job is free of a repetitive daily routine and requires the agent to interact with new people every day. For the people who are good at communication with associates and strangers alike, this job is very easy and full of opportunities. Not just do you get an exciting job, you can choose your hours of work. You can choose whether to be a full-time agent or do the job as a secondary one. You are free to do the job in your time and your own way, as long as you get results. Along with the flexible timings, the job offers good pay and a lot of perks.

Being a LIC agent is a matter of great responsibility. A life insurance agent has many roles to play; and acts on behalf of both, the company and the clients.

The following are the roles of a LIC insurance agent–

Informing potential clients about insurance policies and services and encouraging them to invest in them

Maintaining good relations with existing clients and establishing a good rapport with new prospects
Acting as a representative of the company to the public, promoting the policies and schemes of LIC
Providing customer support and financial advice to clients and help them pick the right policy suiting their needs

Solving customer grievances and answer queries related to policy purchasing, premium payment, and maturity, etc…

Be informed about the latest happenings of the market, and share the latest information with the customers

Setting realistic yet ambitious goals, and planning and implementing strategies to complete them
To be successful as a LIC insurance advisor/agent a person must have the following qualities-

Confidence- Confidence and composure is the most important quality required to work in any field. As an agent, a person must be confident about talking to new people and build a good rapport with them.

Perseverance- An insurance agent must be persistent in their job. Sometimes the situation might not seem favorable, but hard work and perseverance will help you close the deal.

Good Communication Skills- An agent’s job requires communicating with hundreds of people every day. Only if the person possesses good communication skills can they converse with clients and convince them. Even if you do not have excellent command over your communication skills, you must have the vigor to learn and must be open to meeting and talking to new people.

Social- To be an agent, you must be able to talk to strangers easily. You need to maintain good relations with people. It does not mean that introverts cannot be good LIC agents. If you are able to justify your value proposition in fewer words, there is no stopping you.

Ambition- Every job requires ambition and passion. The job of a LIC agent requires that a little extra. A person must be ambitious about their life and their job to be successful.

Dedication- Sometimes the job of an agent gets tough. If the person is dedicated to the job and motivated to do it, they will put their maximum effort and get things done. This is what being a LIC insurance agent is all about.

If you think you possess these qualities, join the LIC family today. Being a LIC agent is not just exciting and good-paying, it also has many perks. LIC offers its agents bonus commissions on completing certain targets.

If you wish to join to LIC as an insurance agent, given below are the minimum qualification you need to clear for LIC recruitment–

Age 18 and above.

Passed standard 10th from any recognized educational board.

If you clear these qualifications, you can contact us, and we will help you through everything from application till appointment. You will be asked to submit the documents. After verification, you will be expected to attend a preparatory training. You can opt either form classroom or online training. At the end of the training, you need to take the test for becoming an agent. Once you clear the test, you will be given your appointment letter and ID card and you can start your new job.