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Process to become an LIC Agent

LIC Agent Jobs: A Rewarding yet Unexplored Career Choice

In our country, there is not much information available about the various career options people can opt for. While some celebrated professional streams like medical science, technology, management, etc… can be easily heard of in our society; most people do not even explore other employment opportunities. But if you are bold enough to venture into other career options, there are endless choices for you to pick from.

One of the highly rewarding career choices is to become a LIC agent. Life Insurance Corporation is India’s largest and popular insurance company. It offers a wide range of insurance schemes to people of India and employs a huge team of executives to make new customers and manage existing clients.

What does an LIC Agent do?

In order to serve to nationwide customers, LIC also appoints a number of insurance agents. The prime LIC agent jobs requisite is to interact with people around them and make them interested in the insurance policies offered by LIC. The more number of policies you are able to sell, the higher is your paycheck at the end of the month.

As an LIC agent, you are expected to:

Discuss the benefits of having a life insurance policy with people around you Promote the insurance policies that are offered by LIC, and introduce people to the benefits of having life insurance from LIC
Facilitating your clients in the process of buying an insurance policy, and giving them the necessary information for easy processing.

Maintaining customer relations and assisting your clients with all types of queries and future investments that they might want to do with LIC.

Since the company provides preliminary training to every LIC new registration agent, you can easily learn the tricks of the trade from the experts in the company. As an insurance agent, you work closely with permanent employees in a branch near you and are updated on all the latest offerings and services.

Benefits of being an LIC Agent

Set your own hours

What makes LIC agent a perfect job option for anyone, is the fact that you are free to decide your own working hours, and set your own routine. You can choose to work as an insurance agent full time or take on the role after your primary work hours for additional income. LIC does not require its agents to quit their full-time jobs in order to work as agents, given that your primary employer does not have any concerns.

This is also a fantastic option for housewives, college students, and alternative working professionals who want to make extra income without affecting their daily schedules. As the procedure to become LIC agent is very simple, anyone can make the most of their time in this profession.

No cap to earnings

Since you have the flexibility to decide your work involvement as an insurance agent, you can earn without any limitations. Depending upon the number of hours you dedicate, and the efficiency with which you work, you can easily surpass your existing paycheck. LIC pays you a commission for every client that you onboard and for every policy that is issued to your clients. This way, the more clients you make, the more money you earn.

How can you be an LIC Agent?

If you think that the job profile of an insurance agent excites you, then you can easily apply for registration. In order to get a LIC new registration, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. An applicant for LIC agent must be a citizen of India and must have a “Pass” certificate in the 10th standard from any recognized state, national, or international educational board. If you have a “Pass” certificate in the 12th standard, it serves as an added advantage.

Once you apply for the registration, you are given a small training module, which equips you with the basic roles and responsibilities of an insurance agent. You can take this training in classroom sessions, or even study online using the module made available by LIC.

The next step in the procedure to become LIC agent is an online test. This test assesses your learning from the module with basic questions about insurance, LIC, and its offerings. Upon clearing this test, you are certified as an LIC agent and are given an official ID card from Life Insurance Corporation of India.

For more information about a career as an LIC agent, the possibilities of endless earnings, and how to become an agent, you can contact us. We have expertise in grooming and facilitating new agents, helping them acquire and maintain a large number of clients.