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How to get a LIC agent Job

Enjoy Flexible Hours and Limitless Income as a LIC Agent

With the rising levels of income, people are now looking for better ways to secure their future by investing today. One of the most popular security investments is life insurance. By paying a small amount of money over the years, one can secure their future easily. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is the most popular and trusted insurance company, offering affordable and efficient insurance schemes to people of all income groups.

Due to this rising popularity of insurance policies amongst the people, a career as an LIC insurance agent and advisor can be highly rewarding. LIC offers a simple recruitment process that allows anyone to work as an LIC agent fulltime or as his or her second source of income. With the trust people have on LIC, it is very easy to make clients and deal with them over the years. There are endless LIC agent benefits, and many people are now taking up the opportunity to make a career in insurance.

Why Become an LIC Agent?

There is a lot of stigmas associated with being an LIC agent in our country. While some people think it is a very challenging and unrewarding job, a good LIC agent not only enjoys huge revenue but a great work-life balance as well. One of the most popular LIC agent benefits is the freedom to decide your own working hours. You can choose to work full time as an agent or dedicate a certain number of hours every week for this.

Not only does it give you flexible working hours, LIC agent benefits include a possibility to earn limitless income. Depending upon your drive to work, and your willingness to grow, you can easily surpass the paycheck that you are getting at your current job.

But in order to realize your true potential, you need to take up proper training and work under the guidance of an expert insurance agency professional. We, enable people to take up insurance agency as a profession and do more in life, financially and intellectually.

How to Get LIC Agent Job?

The requisites for beginning your LIC agent career as an insurance agent are not many. Anyone who clears the below-mentioned criteria is eligible for becoming an LIC agent:

You must have a passing certificate for standard 12th from any state level, national level or international board of education

You must live in a place that has a population of more than 5,000 people at least

The next step in how to get an LIC agent job is to apply for registration through an official insurance advisor or LIC professional. The qualification documents that you would be required to furnish at the time of application are:

10th standard “Pass” marks sheet from any board
Certificate of highest qualification achieved
PAN card
Aadhaar Card
4 Passport-sized photos
After submitting the required documents, you will have to undergo a training module. This module is aimed at equipping you with the required information and knowledge about insurance policies, and how you can effectively make long-term associations with your clients. This training can be done via classroom sessions or via online modules made available by LIC.

At the end of this training session, you are required to appear for the NSEIT test, which evaluates your learning from the training module. After clearing the test, you are given the registration certificate of being an LIC agent and an official ID card from Life Insurance Corporation of India.

The total fees required for the entire process is INR 852/-, which includes:

INR 150/- for application, payable at the LIC counter
INR 200/- for the online/classroom training, payable to your advisor
INR 502/- for the NSEIT test, payable at LIC/to your advisor

You can contact us for more information on how to get LIC agent job and the process to get registered with LIC.

With so many benefits of being an insurance agent, you can surely make the most of your efforts and time with this career. So start today and enjoy the opportunities and profitability that comes with being an LIC agent.