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4 in 1 Health Insurance

How much does a short trip of 5 nights and 6 days to Singapore cost? Maybe, Rs. 50,000? A well planned trip to Thailand would cost about Rs. 40,000. Most of us take our time, research and plan well for such vacations/ trips. We do have a nice time and come back home with wonderful memories.

How many of us have given a thought about some unplanned, unexpected trips that might happen in our lives. What about a sudden emergency hospital visit? Most times medical emergencies happen without any warning and when they happen in such a way that we have to take a short vacation in a hospital, then the bill associated with that is also beyond our imagination and scope. Health insurance comes to your rescue in such cases and helps you plan for your unplanned hospital trips.

You can get 4 benefits out of 1 health insurance cover

  • In case of sudden emergencies, you need empty your life long savings for hospital trips.
  • You can get treatment in good private rooms and still manage most kinds of expensive medical treatments.
  • There is no need to run around for cash or get stressed with huge medical bills in those times of illness.
  • Medical insurance also helps to save tax under 80D section.

Most people reject health insurance after just thinking for a few minutes. However, we end up spending about 30-40 years of our savings for paying for unplanned medical emergencies. People are ready to spend time and save money for taking a good time on a vacation. Though there is nothing wrong in this, we should also think and plan for medical emergencies through proper health insurance cover. With appropriate health insurance cover, you get good healthcare and you can be tension free of huge medical bills. So, contact your agent today and get an appropriate health insurance for you and your family.